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Weight Loss Supplements - And Why You Don't Need Any of Them!

I have listed some of the most popular weight loss supplements that people spend millions of dollars on each year and why you need absolutely none of them!
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Micronutrient of the Day
Folic Acid

Strength Training – Sports Nutrition – Healthy Food Can be Convenient, Quick and Delicious

Some of the biggest excuses I hear about healthy eating, be it for health reasons, or to lose weight or gain muscle are
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Workouts of the Week
Full Body Routine
Split Routine

Recipe of the Day
barbecued meatballs
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Find Your Metabolic Rate
Check your BMR

Food of the Day

High in lean protein
Has complete protein
High in fiber
High in Vitamin B1
High in Vitamin B2
Has reasonable amounts of Vitamin B3
Has reasonable amounts of Vitamin B5
High in Iron
Has reasonable amounts of Magnesium
Has reasonable amounts of Manganese
Has reasonable amounts of Potassium
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Fitness Term of the Day

The process by which the body manufactures glucose for vital functions. Gluconeogenesis generally occurs via the Glucose Alanine Cycle or via the Cori Cycle. The Glucose Alanine Cycle is a starvation induced mechanism (due to carbohydrate deprivation) which breaks down amino acids and uses the resulting carbon skeletons to manufacture glucose. The Cori Cycle normally occurs after intense anaerobic exercise, and is used to recycle the accumulated lactic acid back into glucose.
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