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Use the Fire Within to Lose Weight

We all know that losing weight requires some changes in our eating habits. But many of us avoid making those changes for one obvious reason: It seems too darned hard. But losing weight should not be an event, it is not something you gear up for, do for an intense period of time and then think you are done. You need to make lifestyle changes that will be yours for the rest of your life.
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Micronutrient of the Day
Vitamin E

They Used to Be a Lot More Active Than We Are Today

If we take a look back at our recent ancestors, our great grandparents for example just a few short generations ago they were very active people. Their lives were harder in lots of ways and a lot more physical as they didn't have the benefits of the laborsaving devices and leisure time like we do today. When we look back we find they were rarely overweight and stayed trim and fit despite having relatively meager diets.
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pineapple chicken
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Food of the Day

High in fiber
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Fitness Term of the Day

Free Radical
An unstable atom or molecule which causes cellular damage via runaway chain reactions. This damage at the cellular level is linked to some symptoms of aging and cancer.
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