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Body Weight and Fat Loss Considered – What Works?

It is amazing when you get to consider the plethora of weight and fat loss resources, products, programs, solutions, therapies and remedies that is presently being marketed online as a cure-all for excess body weight or fat.
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Micronutrient of the Day

Minerals: Why We Need Them for Better Health

MINERALS are basic elements found in the soil. Plants pick up these elements naturally. When we eat these plants [or animals who have eaten the plants], we absorb these minerals into our own tissues.
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Workouts of the Week
Full Body Routine
Split Routine

Recipe of the Day
tuna patties
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Find Your Metabolic Rate
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Food of the Day

Chicken Breast
High in lean protein
Has complete protein
Has reasonable amounts of Vitamin B3
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Fitness Term of the Day

Protein Synthesis
The assembly of individual amino acids into proteins and other protein like structures.
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