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7 Back Pain Mistakes Part 2

What do we do on a daily basis? We wake up, sit down, have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. We sit in our car and drive to work. We arrive at work and sit down to work. For the next several hours we place and answer phone calls, enter data, research information and communicate with the computer.
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Micronutrient of the Day
Vitamin D

Healthy Cross Training for Fitness and Fat Loss

The numbers on your scale do not indicate whether you are fit or fat. Far more significant than your total body weight is the composition of your body tissue. If a man's fatty tissue is bigger than 14% up to 15% of his body mass, or if a woman's is more than 20% to 22%, he or she is overweight, or more precisely, over-fat.
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Workouts of the Week
Full Body Routine
Split Routine

Recipe of the Day
pork fajita pitas
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Find Your Metabolic Rate
Check your BMR

Food of the Day

Pinon Nuts
High in fiber
High in Vitamin E
Has reasonable amounts of Manganese
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Fitness Term of the Day

Any muscle which opposes the action of the primary mover during a movement.
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