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Pilates For Strength Training

Using pilates as a means to develop strength can have very good results, in particular if it is used in combination with other types of exercise such as cardio work. If you do pilates and other forms of exercise in your regular routine, this is known as cross training and can have many benefits.
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Micronutrient of the Day

True Muscle Building Potential

Partial repetitions are a great way to build more muscle mass, so you could add them to your muscle building work outs. If you complete only part of the lift you will still gain muscle without wearing your body down.
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Workouts of the Week
Full Body Routine
Split Routine

Recipe of the Day
seafood salad with vanilla mayonnaise
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Find Your Metabolic Rate
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Food of the Day

High in lean protein
Has complete protein
High in fiber
High in Vitamin B1
High in Vitamin B2
Has reasonable amounts of Vitamin B3
Has reasonable amounts of Vitamin B5
High in Iron
Has reasonable amounts of Magnesium
Has reasonable amounts of Manganese
Has reasonable amounts of Potassium
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Fitness Term of the Day

Indigestible plant matter. Soluble fiber is dissolved but not absorbed. Insoluble fiber is neither dissolved nor absorbed. Fiber is a diluting agent that lowers the caloric density and absorption rate of foods. It is also excellent for preventing constipation.
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