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Articles about Muscle Growth

1. Bodybuilding – The Facts You Need To Know by Martin Haworth
Many people have taken up the challenge and decided that they want to maximize their bodies' potential. So, first up is ascertaining exactly what exactly is the next level?  see full article

2. The Misconceptions in Muscle Building by Nick Clipton
Whether you are new to the muscle building scene or a seasoned body builder, you have heard all the advice on how to go about it. Almost everyone has an opinion, but let us dissect the myths in body building so that we would be well informed and will keep us on the right track.  see full article

3. Bodybuilding Diet: Eating Right for Muscle Building by Anthony Red
Bodybuilding isnt all about spending hours at the gym lifting weights. Did you know that diet is also an important factor in muscle building? In fact, a good bodybuilding diet is crucial for muscle building success.  see full article

4. Bodybuilding Exercise Tips by Mathew Leo
In Sean Nalewanyj's program Muscle Gain Truth the subject of muscle building has been made very easy to understand for just about anyone.  see full article

5. Rest Gives You Bigger Muscles by Steve Levy
Want bigger muscles? Have you been working consistently trying to increase your muscle mass only to experience slow or small results? The problem may have very little to do with your work out and a whole lot more to do with resting.  see full article

6. Fitness Training – How Do Your Muscles Feel? by Andrew Poletto
For the people that have never worked out and decided to start, they don't know what they are in for! But, I will give some indication as to what to be ready for. Whether you're in it to gain muscle or to get toned, you have to realize how your muscles will feel when you start working out.  see full article

7. Warm Ups Before Muscle Building Work Outs by Bud Truman
You have chosen your Muscle Building Program and your enthusiasm is soaring. You feel the time is right to start to build your new body and the anticipation of a new you is incredibly exciting. It is so easy, at this point, to blast into your routine at a far higher level than you should.  see full article

8. Weight Training Plateau: Tips To Break Through Your Weight Training Plateau by Steven Tyrie
If you have been training for a while then you will more than likely have come across a weight training plateau. No matter how much you lift, or how often you go to the gym, you just don't seem to be getting results. When you get to this point, then you know that you have hit your plateau.  see full article

9. What Makes a Good Strength and Conditioning Coach? by Dave Coffin
While the internet is an extremely useful and efficient way to get information, it is also a haven for fakes and phonies who have not spent a sufficient amount of time "in the trenches" to call themselves an expert. Sorry kids, but posting a video on YouTube of the new exercise you learned trolling the internet hardly qualifies you to call yourself an expert.  see full article

10. The Vegan Bodybuilder by Jon Cardozo
When it comes to the world of bodybuilding, certain ideas are taken for granted by most trainees. Following a weight gain diet, for example, is an essential part of any muscle building program. However, you may be surprised to learn that there are other methods of accomplishing your goals, methods you may not have thought were compatible with bodybuilding.  see full article

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